Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

My CUTE Boys

Above: William got a hold of the camera.
Below: The shirt William has on is a 3T. (He will turn 3 in June) Quite a few of his shirts lately are inching up above his belly button. Guess it is time to bring out the 4T.

Oliver was playing so quietly all by himself. I went to go check on him and found him doing this. He kept his eyes open for the first picture, but all the subsequent pictures, he closed his eyes. Silly boy.
Below: Don't ask me what Ollie is doing, but he held that position for a few minutes before I pointed it out to Phil. Phil watched for a minute before going to look for the camera. He found it and was able to take a few pictures before Ollie dropped down.

Orion Funnies

Every time I turn around Orion is saying something funny. Since turning 5, he is always saying "Well, I AM 5, and five year olds can do that." The other day he changed it up a little and said
"You know mom, five year olds are mans."

Also, he had his 5 year check up the other day. And for the first time, they did an eye test. The nurse had him stand up against the door and cover up one eye. He did the big letters no problem. As they got smaller, he kept trying to uncover his one eye. Finally he stated very emphatically " I can't see the letters, this door is too far away!! Let me just take a couple of steps closer." When told no, that he had to stay by the door, he leaned as far forward as he could before finally saying he just couldn't see the letters. I LOVE THAT BOY!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Orions Birthday

I can't believe that my sweet baby boy is 5 years old!!! How did this happen? When did I get old enough to even have a 5 year old? Anyway, Orions birthday fell on a Sunday this year. So the Saturday before, he had a couple of friends (Molly and Moroni) come over. They played some games and decorated cookies. Then we took all the kids to McDonalds. Sunday, Orion was so excited that the kids sang to him in primary. He came home and told me that we didn't have to sing to him because his friends already did. We sang to him anyway. For his birthday he got a glow in the dark solar system, some Batman "stuff" and a Digital Camera. He also really wanted an Angry Birds cake. I played around with trying to use fondant to decorate it. But in the end, I bought an Angry Birds game and just used the pieces to decorate the cake. I think this was a great option. He LOVES the game!! To end, here are 5 things we love about Orion.

1. He is so sweet. He lives for making Mom and Dad happy.
2. He has a great imagination, and is constantly asking me to play some made up game with him.
3. He is a great helper. Orion doesn't have any daily chores he has to do, but he does do a lot around the house, just because I ask for his help.
4. He gives great hugs.
5. He loves his brothers and is so good to them.