Friday, July 13, 2012


We had the Bainbridge Family Reunion in Nauvoo Illinois this last week. Here are just a FEW  of the things we got to do while there. 
We went to a show called "Sunset on the Mississippi". It was a lot of fun. Philip espicially liked the little old lady in blue, who was always a step behind everyone else.

 The kids really enjoyed the Pioneer Past Times.

We got to go on an oxen cart ride.

Orion LOVED learning how to make rope. We went back twice.

We got to go to Carthrage. 

After watching a video about Joseph Smith, Orion asked if we could play the stick game. 

We got to go see soo many other things, and we are excited to return in a couple of years. 

Little Amerricka

Philip and I took the two older boys to an amusement park the other day. They had a blast!! Well, most of the time. Orion loved it all. William didn't like anything that went fast, or high. I spent the whole time on the Ferris wheel telling him that he would be "ok".