Thursday, January 9, 2014

Once there was a Snowman

Philip was so kind to help the older kids build a snowman.


Christmas was pretty low key this year. Since we are buying a house very soon Phil and I opted to just get a few things for the kids. And thanks to Black Friday and some other killer deals, we stayed in our budget! So this year, we got a couple of big family gifts. We got a new Kindle Fire HD and new camera. The kids all got legos from Santa then a few other gifts from mom and dad. We also got Skylander Swapforce from the Husteds, and I think that was the kids (Orions at least) favorite. Over all, everyone was happy. So, here are a few pictures.

 Making and eating cookies on Christmas Eve. The one on top was left for Santa.

 Christmas Jammies!

 Santa left us a few 1 POUND candy bars . . .

 Oliver LOVES his tent . . .

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Oliver

Can you believe that this little guy turned 3!!  How did that happen?

For weeks before his birthday Ollie was talking about what kind of cake he wanted. He wanted a brown one with "My Big Big Friend" on top. Then he wanted a brown one with "Justin Time". Then, a brown one with Mator. A brown one with Thomas. A brown one with candles. Finally a couple of days before his birthday, he made up his mind. A brown cake with Dora and Diego. And boots. And baby Jaguar. And candles. So the Sunday night before his birthday I went to my pantry to grab a chocolate (aka BROWN) cake mix. I didn't have one. All I had was a yellow and a strawberry. So first thing Monday morning, Oliver and I went to the store to pick out a brown cake mix. Wouldn't you know it. We get in front of a wall full of cake mixes, and he decides he wants a pink cake!!

And then, I tried coloring a picture of Dora and Diego with frosting, but I didn't have the right colors of food coloring, and didn't want to drive clear into Madison to get some. So I just had Phil bring home some cake toppers.

For his birthday, Oliver got a bouncy ball and some bath toys.

And finally 3 things that we love about our little Oliver:

1. He loves to snuggle. Often times he asks in his so sweet voice if I will snuggle him. As soon as I say yes, he smiles big, runs to his room, finds his blanket and lays down on his bed.

2. Oliver has a super imagination. I spend a lot of my days flying in  rocket ships, jumping over lava pits, climbing volcanoes, fighting bad guys with swords, running from dinosaurs and scareing away scary monsters.

3. He still scowls at strangers. (And I love his scowl!)