Wednesday, June 13, 2012


My mom once looked at a picture of Oliver and said

"Ohhh, he looks just like a dandelion. Like if I blew, he would just float away."

So mom, here is another picture that I look at, and think of what you said.

Happy Birthday William

William turned 3!! It hardly seems possible that enough time has gone by that he can now be three years old!! Do I even look old enough to have a three year old?? Do I act old enough to have a three year old?? Well, weather I do or not, I have one. And I really like him.

Here are some of our favorite things about William.

1. William gives the absolute best hugs!
2. He does a great job doing the dishes.
3. He plays great with Ollie.
4. He loves to go to nursery.
5. He is a mamas boy. (And I only love it most of the time.)

He just has such a sweet wonderful personality and I am so glad that he is my son.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our new friend Alvin

So the other day, I am sitting on the couch, reading my book, enjoying the quietness of nap time. Then Cricket comes in. And she has something in her mouth. My first thought, "that's a really big mouse!!"  Cricket dropped it on the floor, and I got a little closer and realized that it was a chipmunk!! And it wasn't moving. I tried talking Cricket into taking it back outside, but she just looked up at me like I was a crazy lady talking to a cat.
Then, the chipmunk (here after called Alvin) moved. And I  SCREAMED!! Loud. Alvin scurried half way down the stairs before Cricket caught him again. I ran outside to see if maybe our neighbor was home to help me. Nope. So I called Wanda, completely shaken up. Wanda, who was already going to come pick me up for a double date with our husbands, said she would be right over. I cautiously made my way down stairs. When I got there, Cricket was circling a blanket. Alvin was nowhere to be seen. Gathering all my courage, I tiptoe over to the blanket, pick up a tiny corner, and fling the blanket in the air. I don't see Alvin on the floor. But I do hear a loud THUMP, and look over my shoulder to see Alvin scurrying into a corner. Again, I am screaming. Loudly. Orion is there patting my arm and ever so calmly saying, "It's ok mommy, it is just a new little friend." Oh, what would I do without my little protector? I grabbed a few toys to trap Alvin in the corner, and then put Cricket outside. I then paced the floors waiting for Wanda to get there, and take the little vile creature OUT of MY HOUSE!! Thank you Wanda for your timely rescue.

The next day (Saturday) Philip found a dead chipmunk behind the couch. And on Sunday, when we got home from church, there was a dead bird in my kitchen, and feathers everywhere.

 So now the question: Anyone want a cat??