Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Happy Birthday

Soo, we have celebrated a few birthdays since I last posted. Thought I would bring you all up to speed.

I turned 30. I got BOOMWHACKERS for my birthday! I love them! I especially love using them in Primary. I think the kids love them too!

Winston turned 1! I don't know how that happened! A little update on Winston. He was a big baby at birth. And he put on weight at a good pace for the first 4 months. In fact at 4 months he weighed 20 pounds! Unfortunately, that is when he quit gaining weight.  Winston was an EXTREMELY fussy baby. He cried ALL the time. We decided that maybe he had reflux. At his 6 month check up, he still weighed 20 pounds. Since he was just starting solids, we were told to try lots of high fat foods. Use cream instead of milk and to put butter in everything he ate. We also switched his medicine.

 At 8 months, Winston came down with pneumonia, and refused to eat for 4 days. At that point, I lost my mild supply. At the doctors office, he was weighed again, and was down to 18 pounds. Again, we switched his reflux medicine, and put him on formula. At nine months, he was only 18 pounds 8 ounces. I was thrilled. He'd put on weight!! The doctor however was not pleased with his progress. We switched his medicine again. And were referred to a GI doctor.  The GI doctor referred us to the Failure to Thrive specialist at the hospital. We also had to meet with a nutrionist. At that point we had to start a high calorie formula, and had to count calories for 5 days.  After a couple of weeks on his new medicine, Winston started being more content. He wasn't ALWAYS screaming. Even other people noticed a difference in his demeanor.
Life went on. I had to take him every few weeks for weight checks, and every time I took him in, he met his goal! We just had a weight check on Tuesday. He weighed 24 pounds!!!! We get to give him whole milk now. And we don't have to fortify it with half and half. He is doing really well.
A couple of "Happy" things about Winston. He loves playing peek a boo and patty cake. He absolutely adores his brothers, and loves to do anything outside. He also has no fear. We took the kids to the lake the other day and Winston just crawled right into the water. When it started getting too deep from him to crawl, he would just stick his head in the water, crawl forward and then sit up on his knees to breath. Then go back under to crawl some more! CRAZY KID! (And I know that you  think I am a crazy mom for allowing such behavior to take place.)

Anyway, back to June birthdays. William turned 5!! He had kinda a big deal birthday. My mom and dad were in town. He had a couple of friends over. And we did a pinata. (He had been asking to do one for MONTHS!)  Some things we love about William: He gives the best hugs.And is always willing to give a hug. He also gives the sweetest little prayers. William is quick to want to please, and always so sad when someone is displeased with him. He is super competitive. Sometimes too much so. I love that boy so much and so glad that he came to our family!!