Thursday, January 9, 2014


Christmas was pretty low key this year. Since we are buying a house very soon Phil and I opted to just get a few things for the kids. And thanks to Black Friday and some other killer deals, we stayed in our budget! So this year, we got a couple of big family gifts. We got a new Kindle Fire HD and new camera. The kids all got legos from Santa then a few other gifts from mom and dad. We also got Skylander Swapforce from the Husteds, and I think that was the kids (Orions at least) favorite. Over all, everyone was happy. So, here are a few pictures.

 Making and eating cookies on Christmas Eve. The one on top was left for Santa.

 Christmas Jammies!

 Santa left us a few 1 POUND candy bars . . .

 Oliver LOVES his tent . . .

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Meghann said...

A house! When? Where? Congrats! I hope it is in our ward. I miss seeing you.