Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Curse of an I-Pod

Philip and I recently got I-Pods. And we love them! It is really nice to be able to go from checking my e-mail, to reading my scriptures, to playing a game, to watching a movie, all while I am sitting on the couch nursing Oliver. I can look up a recipe online, and take my ipod into the kitchen to make what ever it is I am making. However, there is a downside to having an ipod. I hardly ever get on the computer any more. Which means I am not updating the blog like I should, or looking at other peoples updates as much. I can do both on my ipod, but for some reason, I just don't. Well updating, I don't want to write a whole big thing on the little keyboard that I can only use one finger to type with. So, now that I am actually sitting down at a computer, I will give a brief update of the last month.

My parents came to visit for Christmas, with the hopes that Oliver would be born while they were here, and that we would be able to bless him. This was a little risky since their plan was to leave for home a week before my due date. We really enjoyed having them here!! It was so nice not having to cook or do a lot of cleaning those last days of my pregnancy. And it was great to have someone else to play with the kids. It was also great to have someone else to play some games with.
The pictures are not where they are supposed to be because I can't figure out how to move them. Maybe when Phil gets home . . .

We had a wonderful Christmas where we all were sufficiently spoiled. I got a beautiful new coat. (The last new coat I got was when I entered the 4th grade. )

Philip got a sweater and the music book for Wicked.

And the boys got a ton of new toys.

And of course, we got our Christmas pjs.

On the morning of Dec. 30th, I was induced. And later that afternoon, Oliver was born. (All the gory details deserve a post of it's own, don't you think?) I came home the evening of the the 31st. New Years Eve was kinda anti-climatic for us. We played a game of Sequence, Philip set off some fireworks with Orion, and then I went to bed. I think my parents, Chris and Max, watched a movie or something, but I don't know for sure. We were able to bless Oliver on Jan. 2. It was so nice to have my parents there for that special event. They took off right after sacrament meeting. I took William to nursery, and Orion to PRIMARY, (Yes, Orion is now a SUNBEAM!!) and then Oliver and I went home to sleep. Later that afternoon, we went over to Wandas to spend time with Philips parents who were in town just for the weekend.

It was a wonderful Christmas season, and I am so glad that my parents were able to come out for it and to be here for Oliver. Philip started school tonight, and starts going back to work tomorrow. I am looking forward to life getting back to normal. What ever that is.

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