Sunday, March 20, 2011

This is Orion saying "CHEESE". Not much has been going on with him lately. Just the usual stuff.
I have been watching my friend Shawnas' kids a lot this last month, and it has been a complete joy. Orion and Molly are great friends, and William and Bella are becoming great friends. They play catch together, and look at books together and are just generally happy together.
Oliver had his two month check up recently. He weighed 13 pound 8 oz. And was24 inches long. Compare that to Orion who was 15 pounds at two months, and William who was 17 pounds at two months (all were about 24 inches) and I think Oliver is our runt. That's ok, he is an awfully cute little runt. At his two month check up, we found out that I have mastitis. So now I am on an anti-biotic for that.
On Philips last flex Friday, it was pretty warm out. (Almost 60!!) So we took a family trip to the park. Orion and William were in heaven. We stayed for a couple of hours, and Orion was still super sad when we had to head home.
William has started taking pretend naps. It is very cute.
Orion just really wanted a picture taken with his brothers. It seems like whenever I have Ollie sitting on the couch both boys go and sit next to him and it is the perfect time to get out the camera.
For FHE treat, we had ice cream sandwhiches. And it is finally warm enough for them to eat their treat outside! (Although, I will admit that it probably isn't warm enough for them to be eating their treats outside with no pants on.)
A couple weeks ago, William started waking up in the middle of the night and was inconsolable. A few days later he developed a diaper rash. My children NEVER get rashes. So after a couple of days with it, I took him into the doctor. It wasn't just a rash, he had a strep infection on his bottom. Poor boy. He is on an anti-biotic now too.


Cherstin rocks said...

RE: the treat picture... At least he's dressed! I have the hardest time keeping Ellie in clothes, let alone a diaper! (I type this as she sits on the floor naked watching Despicable Me).

Too cute as usual, Hannah!

Joe said...

Thanks for watching my kids so much lately Hannah! I love the picture of William and Bella. They are so cute! Love those sweet boys, all 3 of them!

Shawna said...

Shawna, not Joe! :)

hilary w said...

Jack had a strep infection on his bottom once, too! It took me forever to finally realize that Desitin was NOT working! I'm glad you guys figured it out.

Jenna Paulsen said...

Scarlet fever is the worst! Poor little guy! I had it when I was 19, I believe, and I just thought I was having some other rash since I'm allergic to everything. Glad you got him taken care of! <3

Oh, and little Oliver is too cute! Love all the brotherly love :)

Rachel and Tyler said...

Hannah, I must say that you produce handsome boys. Maybe you should stick with boys and not have any girls...I sure miss having you close. It's so sad to watch my nephews grow up from a distance! I love you!

P.S. You can stop bragging about the warm weather now. It isn't becoming!