Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cutting down the tree

We had a large 60 foot pine tree in our back yard.

I hated it. Really truly despised the thing. Half of it was dead. It was hard to get underneath it to get all the weeds and random trees growing under it. And it was super pokey. Also, it made too much shade, so I had no good place to put in a garden. So my super sweet husband bought a bow saw, and started taking it down.

Orion helped some too.

Cutting down trees is messy!

Philip spent just about every evening up in that tree for about a week.

When most of it was down, we had the young men come over and help cut it into pieces for a young mens activity. We had about 5 chain saws going in the back yard.

We spent a lot of afternoons piling up the wood, and pulling the branches to the front yard for the city wide brush pick up.

It was a lot of work to do it our selves, but I am glad that it is done, and the things we learned in taking it down. Next summer when we take down the two smaller ones, it should be easier.

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