Saturday, April 11, 2015

Orion's 2nd Grade Music Program

On Friday Orion had his 2nd Grade Music Program. They do two performances, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We're blessed to live close enough to that it's easy to attend both. In the morning the whole family went and just I returned in the afternoon. The morning performance was a nice preview of what to record in the afternoon.

Now I realize being Orion's dad I'm a bit biased but he did an awesome job. He was energetic, excited, and had a huge smile on his face. But you don't need to take my word for it. You can watch some of the videos.

Start Your Day With A Song
This was their first song and I knew from the morning that I needed to start recording early. I was a bit slow but I still caught most of it.

I Have a Car
This was their second song. I love the rattle rattles.

Scat Song

It's the Hard Knock Life - Annie 
In this it's fun to watch Orion's energy and how he puts his full body into the actions.

You Can't Stop the Beat - Hairspray 
This was their final song.  I included it mostly for Orion's cool dance moves at the end.

After watching this I wondered if it wasn't a coincidence that he was placed in the front row in the middle.  Did he have similar energy during their practices to earn such a spot?  I also wonder if Hannah was like this as a child.

I ate lunch with Orion before the second performance and I had a teacher tell me several times how well Orion did in the morning.  I also noticed after the afternoon performance several adults (not sure if they were teachers or just parents) come up to him during the time for pictures to give him a high five.

Most of all I was thrilled with how excited he was.  He was smiling the whole time and seemed to really enjoy himself.  As a parent I couldn't help but smile and grin during the entire performance.

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