Thursday, April 19, 2012

2 down, 1 to go.

!!!!!!!!!! WILLIAM IS POTTY TRAINED !!!!!!!!!!!!

About a month ago, I was dropping William off at nursery and one of the dads said "P is in underwear today, . . . "
And I said to myself, P is only like 3 days younger than William. If P can do it, so can he!! So we started the next Tuesday. That fist day, he had 3 accidents. The next day, zero accidents. He is even waking up dry most nights. (I will admit that I am not brave enough to put him in underwear at night.) He has had very few accidents (only when we are at other peoples homes) and I don't even have to remind him to go. He just goes. HOORAY!! This is an exciting time in our home!!

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Heidi said...

That is SO exciting!!! YAY!! What a relief that must be.