Thursday, April 19, 2012

House of Sickies, round 2

So, about a week after my last post, I had to take Ollie back into see the doctor for yet another strep infection. At that time, I went ahead and got a culture too. William also had come down with a rash I'd never seen before, so I had the doctor look at that while we were in there. William had Hand Foot and Mouth. My strep culture came back negative, but Ollies came back positive. Philip went in the next day to get a culture. His rapid came back negative. The next day, he got a call at work saying his long strep test came back positive. (So this was ALL PHILIPS FAULT!!!!) Oliver finished that round of antibiotics on a Tuesday. Thursday he had his 15 month check up. There was a significant amount of fluid in his ears, and since he is behind in communication and gross motor skills, the doc suggested we see an ENT to see about tubes. (Other than that, he is a healthy happy little boy!) The following Tuesday, Ollie started acting miserable. Wednesday, he was running a fever, and had green goop just pouring from his eyes. So Thursday, we were back in to the doctor. This time he had a double ear infection AND an eye infection. He is almost done with this round of antibiotics, and then hopefully, cross your fingers and say a prayer, we won't have to take him back in until his 18 month check up.

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