Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday

Can you believe I have a 6 year old?? I sure can't!!
On his birthday, we celebrated with cake and ice cream and presents. (I was rather pleased with how his cake turned out!!!)

 The watch he got for his birthday, shines 10 different batman themed pictures on walls.
 Today, Orion had his first birthday party. Holy moly it was a lot of work!!! He wanted a Superman theme. So we had superman capes for everyone. We played musical chairs with the superman theme music. We played pin the S on the Cape, and some different non-superman related games. I hope he enjoyed it, 'cause he probably wont be having another one anytime soon!!

 Philip decorated the birthday party cake.


Chaney said...

Happy birthday Orion! We love you!

Rachel and Tyler said...

Hannah! I must say that I'm impressed by your Superman cake. Wow!! You're amazing. I still don't have a plane ticket reserved - every time I go to buy one I get the feeling that I should wait. So, I'm waiting...Looking forward to seeing you sometime...