Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Little Bit of This and That

Orion played his first "season" of soccer this last fall/spring. At first, he really didn't like it and I was the mean mom dragging him to practice in tears. Now he loves it, and I think will be sad for it to end. We haven't decided yet if we will sign him up again only because he has expressed an interest in . . . baseball. (And I say to myself REALLY?? Could there be a more boring sport to watch?)

It was gotten warm enough that we have been able to spend a couple of days at the lake. The boys LOVE going, but prefer to hang out in the little freezing spring puddle as apposed to the actual lake. Except Ollie, he will venture out into the murky waters.

 We went to the park the other day. Philip had fun playing with his basket ball. If we had a more even driveway I might invest in a hoop for him for Fathers Day.

And lastly, possibly the last pregnant picture I may ever take. Here I am at 37 weeks. 

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