Thursday, May 30, 2013

Confessions of a Hormonal Pregnant Lady

Because I have larger babies, I often get comments about how big I am. And are we SURE that it isn't twins.  It gets old after a while, but usually I am able to just laugh it off. But the last week or so, I am starting to feel HUGE. And for the first time in my life I feel like even when I try to make myself look cute, I just look fat and ugly. (I know rationally that I am not fat, just pregnant, and that I am not ugly. I know that I am beautiful because I look like my sisters, and they are two of the most beautiful women I know.) But that is how I feel. So on Sunday, after hearing again and again "you just look so big" and "haven't you had that baby yet?" and "you have how much longer to go? You're sure?", I cried the whole way home. Then yesterday I went out with my friend for a girls day. We went and got pedicures. At the salon, 2 different people came up and asked me if I was having twins. And one person asked how I was enjoying my 4th trimester. I didn't cry that time, but it definitely didn't help my state of mind either.

Now the reason I am writing this post. It isn't because I want sympathy. I don't. I KNOW it is just the hormones. And I am so grateful that I get to be able to bear my own children. That is a huge privilege, honor and blessing. I know some women who would give anything to be able to feel huge and ugly if it meant they got to feel a baby inside of them. I truly am thankful for this experience. No, the reason I am writing this. The next time you see a huge pregnant lady, instead of gawking or asking her some ridiculous question, just tell her that she looks beautiful. (Lie if needed.)

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Shawna said...

You are beautiful and I don't even have to lie! Hopefully just another week or so and you will be having some wonderful baby snuggles from your new sweet boy.