Sunday, September 21, 2008

Father and Son bonding

So, FINALLY yesterday, after being with out a car all week, Philip finally decided to look at the Geo and see if he could fix it. Orion decided to help. Unfortunately the problem was not with the battery. So now we think that it might be the starter. But really,we have no clue. So I will have to suffer through at least another two weeks without a car. Oh what will I ever do?

Today was good. Philip hurt his back trying to fix the car, so he did not venture out to church today. Orion did really good though today in Sacrament meeting. I ended up having to lead the music, so Orion sat with his cousins, and I was impressed with how well he did. I only heard him say "tru tru tru" a couple of times. And of course, he loved nursery. He was practically dragging me to his classroom, and once that door opened, he doesn't look back. What a blessing that is!!


Family of Five said...

Hannah! You have a blog! YAY! Hope you don't mind me reading. I wish ALL my friends in WI would get blogs so I can check up on you! YAY!

Tess said...

I'm glad you joined the crowd and I can see pics of your family! :)