Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For Christmas Orion found bath crayons in his stocking. He LOVES them! It is now even harder to get him out of the bath then it was before. He always asks me to draw a car and a "knock knock", which is a door. He then colors the car, and knocks on the door for a long time. The only bad part is, if I don't wipe up the crayon as soon as he is out of the bath, then I have to scrub it off with comet.

I also love the way Orion is sleeping lately. Most of the time when I go in to cover him up, his hands are under his head. I don't know if this is just comfortable, if his hands are cold, or if he is propping his head up. But I think it is really cute.

Church was canceled again this week. I almost wish I lived somewhere else, where people actually get to go to church in the winter time. The sad part is, there wasn't even any snow. Just ice. Which admittedly is worse then snow, but still, so sad. Hopefully we will be able to go this Sunday.


our family said...

I'm so jealous that Orion sleeps so well.

We've been tempted with the bath crayons, but don't want the kids to take any other kind of crayons to any other wall...Obviously you don't have that issue, huh?

James and Aimee said...

Sometimes Naomi sleeps like that, and I'm not sure why either. But I'm with you, it is totally cute.

Chaney said...

Our kids got bath crayons, markers and bath water tint stuff in their stockings. Phillip now wants to be in the bathtub all day!

I'm sorry about church! We had a good Sunday, except for our new time...12:30...naptime. Phillip fell asleep with his snack in his hand in nursery.