Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have been awful about posting regularly. I would say sorry, but really, we are leading such boring lives right now, that you wouldn't want to read about it. Trust me. Anyway, about a week ago, we got a wonderful surprise in the mail. A second Christmas!! Due to circumstances beyond any ones control, the Christmas gifts from my parents didn't arrive until the beginning of February. But it was so nice to have! Orion was soo excited to have more presents to open and was very sad when I told him we had to wait for daddy to get home. I put the presents on the table, and every now and then, I would find him trying to rip a little paper off the boxes. Silly boy. Orion got a hand made teddy bear from Grandma, and he loves it! That night it had to have scriptures and prayers with us, and mom and dad were not worthy of his loves. All his hugs and kisses that night went to his "baby". Orions b-day present also came in the same box. He got a pair of jammies with cars. Now this is a very special pair of jammies. The Christmas jammies he got from Grandma and Grandpa Bainbridge are very soft. Orion is always so sad when they get dirty and he has to put them in the dirty clothes. He always wants his "sof" jammies. I told my mom this, and so she made him a second pair of "sof" jammies. Once again, Orion was so excited to wear them when he saw them. He was sorely disappointed when I told him he had to wait until after dinner. What a mean mom I am.

On Saturday afternoon, I went shopping with Wanda. I am getting to the point where my Sunday dresses don't fit anymore, and I only have one short black skirt that fits. The problem with this is, I have to wear nylons with it, and I hate wearing nylons. So I went out to find a maternity dress to wear to church. Can I just say- there is NOTHING out there!! We went to 6 or 7 different stores. Most of them didn't have dresses to choose from. And if they did have dresses, they were all short, or sleeveless, or both. I was so discouraged!! On the way home we hit Target. There I found a long (almost too long) black spaghetti strap dress. I will have to either wear a shirt under, or over. We tried, and it looks good both ways. I am glad we hit Target last though, because had we tried it first, I would have held out for something better. The best part of the dress- it was only $7! I think I might go to Joanns and look for a pattern and some fabric and try to make me a couple of dresses. Really, don't pregnant women wear dresses?
While I was out with Wanda, Philip and Orion had a great time together. Philip built a fort out of blankets, and I guess Orion thought it was just great. Mostly, I was just happy that they played together and had a good time.
Yesterday we had a BEAUTIFUL day. The high was supposed to be 55. I don't know if it actually got that high, but it was warm enough that I didn't even grab a jacket when we went outside. Orion and I played with sidewalk chalk and went for a walk. The sad part- first thing this morning, Orion was asking to go outside and draw. When I told him we couldn't because the sun wasn't up yet, he was not discouraged. He then asked to go for a walk. Once again, I dashed his hopes, by saying no. It is raining today and the high is only supposed to be in the 30s. Hopefully we will find lots of fun things to do inside today.
We are all looking forward to tomorrow. I have an ultra sound @ 1:oo, and I get to find out what we are having. We are so excited to find out who will be joining our family! Look for a post later this week to annouce if its a boy or girl.


our family said...

Yay for an ultrasound and boo for cold, wet weather!

And I hear you on the dress issue. I end up using skirts and a shirt.

Chaney said...

My mom made me a couple of dresses when I was pregnant because there really isn't much out there! Yea for your ultrasound!!

Amber and The Boys said...

That pic of Orion and daddy-it is like the same face-one big, one small! Funny about the weather-yesterday I think it was a high of 58 here (so similar to what you had) and people were freezing-acting like they couldn't believe it was possible to be that cold. Third-just as I was getting on your blog I thought to myself-do I know what Hannah is having? I think it's a boy but I can't remember if she found out yet or not. And then you said you hadn't and are finding out this week! So, my prediction I guess is boy which is a sure fire clue that it is a girl. :)

James and Aimee said...

We love blanket forts around here, although we call them tents. It's been a great way to get the kids to pick up their toys. They ask almost every day for a tent and I say, "As soon as your toys are picked up." and they do it!

And we are so excited to hear what you are having! And, I hope you enjoy your dress. One of my favorite pregnant dresses sounds very similar to your new one. I really liked it because I could wear it with different things. It was a little less boring that way.

Shawna said...

Hannah I have dresses and I am bringing them to you tonight! Don't you know I have my own maternity store in the basement? It comes with being pregnant in all seasons. I still think it's a girl. I can't wait to hear the news!!!!

stacy said...

What size are you? I have a HUGE supply of maternity clothes you can borrow. I have one long black dress that has short sleeves. All my other dresses are short I think. I have two long skirts though.