Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yesterday was a pretty good day. In the morning, Orion and I made a fruit loop necklace. Orion doesn't quite have the motor skills to string the fruit loops, but he sure did enjoy eating them! He also had fun handing them to me for me to string on. Occasionally, he would "sneak one" and smile up at me like, he was the most innocent boy in the world, who would never do anything mischievous at all. Later we went outside to enjoy the 40 degree weather. A lot of the snow was melting and Orion and a grand time splashing in the water. His feet must have been FREEZING!! WE came home and I took off his soaking wet socks and shoes, and put on dry socks, and instantly Orion was saying "ahh warm".
After dinner, I got out some scrapbooking stuff, and worked on Orions book. I am trying really hard to get caught up on stuff before the baby comes. While I did this, Orion took a bath. I love that he is at an age where I can put him in the bath, leave the door open and just listen. If it is quiet for more than a few seconds, I call out to him, and he answers. It is great! After 45 minutes, I finally made him get out. But lately it hasn't been that big of a deal. I made him a froggy towel for his birthday, and if he gets to use that when bath time is over with, he is happy to get out. Then the only problem I have is getting him to hang it up. He wants to wear it even after he has his jammies on.

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Tess said...

You made the towel? Instructions, please! It's so cute!