Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Traditions

A couple weeks ago Phil and I were talking about different traditions our families had during Christmas. His family does new pjs on Christmas Eve and for Christmas breakfast- they have ice cream, cheerios, strawberries, and bananas. My family traditions were reading the Christmas story by candle light on Christmas Eve and we used to go caroling for FHE the Monday before. There may have been more traditions, but these are the ones that we both really liked and wanted to carry on to our family. But then we were talking about starting our own tradition. Philip said (half joking) that we should have green stroganough for dinner, because as a kid, he always thought it was really cool to have colored food. I just about lost my lunch at the thought of eating green stroganough, but (half joking) suggested green fried chicken with red mashed potatoes. Philip thought this sounded like a GREAT idea. So today for our Christmas dinner, we had a green and red feast. We had green chicken, gravy, peas and salad. And red potatoes, rolls, jello, and cheesecake. The chicken didn't turn out as green as I would have liked, and the potatoes were more pink then red, but it was colorful!!

The rest of our Christmas was wonderful!! Orion got up at about seven, and we went out and showed him his train set. He was THRILLED with it!!

We would try to get him to open something else, and he would get bored with trying to open the present, and go back to play with the trains. He also really liked his Cars toothpaste, and his firetruck puzzle,

and his vacuum.

But really, he loves his trains.

Philip got a couple of sweaters and a DS game, I got a couple of kitchen items, a game and a couple new movies. As a family we got a new toaster oven, dining room chairs (THANK YOU WANDA AND ROBERT!!), and a puzzle of the Salt Lake temple, a game and some pictures of Christ (THANK YOU MARK AND JULIE!!). It was a wonderful day. Phil and I decided that watching Orion opening his presents and being excited about them is way better then getting our own gifts. It's funny that a lot of times, I have more fun watching Orion play and have fun, then I would have doing something else. I find myself doing things for Orion (like going to the library or McDonalds) just because I know Orion will have enjoy it. Anyway, We hope you all had a wonderful merry Christmas too.


Chaney said...

Phillip got a vacuum as well and LOVES it. I can't get him to play with anything else!
As for your food, it doesn't really sound appetizing. Was it good?

our family said...

Hah. Our kids got a vacuum and a train set too. The train set didn't get nearly as much love here as at your place, it looks like. LOL

Cute pictures. :)

Humphries said...

Joseph got a train set as well and that's all he wanted to play with today to. I would have to agree that watching Joseph open presents was way better then opening my own. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas.