Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tree

This first picture really has nothing to do with the rest of the post, but it is so "Orion". There are many many times when Orion will find a hat, put it on, and then just go about the rest of his day. Lots of times he brings me a hat, and really doesn't understand why I don't want to wear it all day too.

So yesterday was a wonderful day. Sacrament meeting was awesome. We had several musical numbers, all of which sounded great. It is always wonderful in my mind to start off church with the Spirit so strong. After church and naps, we decorated the Christmas tree. It was fun to watch Orion try and help. He would try and hang an ornament for a few seconds, and then decide it was much easier to just lay it on a branch. Having him help also meant that a lot of the decorations ended up in the same spot. But it was fun.

Afterwards we watch The Testament. Orion really didn't like it. He kept asking for Cars and entertaining himself by jumping all over mom and dad. After we put Orion down, Philip and I just sat and cuddled, and talked until I went to bed at 9:30. It really was just a great day. From start to finish.

Today, was also a good day. I had an ultra-sound this morning. I love being able to see my baby. It is always so comforting to hear that little heart beat, and feel instant reliefe. Everything is OK!! The baby was quite active during the ultra-sound too. I think it flipped completly around 5 times during the 10 minutes. But we got to see it's arms and legs and toes and hands, and lots of tiny perfect parts. I think even Philip enjoyed it. Afterwards we went Christmas shopping and out to lunch. Again, it was just a really good day with my wonderful husband. How blessed I am that he chose me to be his wife!!


Rachel and Tyler said...

Look at the rosy cheeks on that boy!! You have an adorable son - even if he does look like Phil...I love you, Hannah! I'm glad your ultrasound went well. Merry, merry Christmas!!

Chaney said...

I wish I could get Phillip to wear a hat...especially when it's cold. Glad to hear your baby is doing good!!! I love ultrasound pictures.

William And Kylie Mobley said...

How cute! Are you feeling any better yet? When do you get to find out what you're having? Decorating a tree with William is like decorating a tree with Orion, I think, except he won't put an ornament on the tree until he's asked me if it's in the right place. This year I made him do it all by himself, though, and he did a wonderful job as usual!

our family said...

I love the holidays with kids. It's so amazing to watch their eyes light up. I now understand what Daddy went through when he buys anything that reminds him of you in the slightest for a gift. It's truly amazing.

I LOVE ultrasounds. It's so amazing. I can't imagine living in a time where you didn't have that reassurance!

James and Aimee said...

Isn't the sound of a baby's heartbeat one of the most amazing, exciting, and reassuring sounds you can hear? Always something I look forward to. I'm glad you're baby is doing so well, and I hope you are doing ok as well. Wish we lived close to you so that we could have Orion come play and you could take a nap. Orion is quite adorable.