Monday, March 23, 2009

Life has been crazy around here this last week. Philips mom and sister have been in town so we have spent a lot of time over at Wandas spending time with them. On the 17th, Orion had a hearing test. His pediatrician said that it would take 1 -2 hours. It took all of 10 minutes. Orions hearing is perfect, and his ears look really good. YEA!! On Wed (18th), I finally got the results from Orions speech evaluation in the mail. He is right wear he should be, or ahead in every area, except speech. There is a 28% delay there, so we will be starting speech therapy sometime next month. I am very hopeful that it will help with our communication.

Wednesday night I had activity days. I am finding that it is taking a lot more patience then I think I have. There were several times during the night when I just had to take a deep breath to keep from yelling. Oh, I need to work on that. Also on Wednesday night, Phil came down with a fever.

Thursday, Philip was still not feeling well, but had a ton to do at work, so went anyway. Orion and I spent the day at Wandas.

Friday morning, we had family pictures taken. Orion did great. He was so well behaved!! We got a lot of great pictures. The ones posted here are just some of our favorites. At one point the photographer wanted a full body shot of Orion standing. She thought it would be really cute for him to have his thumbs in his pockets. Orion just wouldn't stand in one place. Finally I got out a tube of chapstick and told him to put it in his pocket. He held still, but then was so focused on putting the chapstick in his pocket, that he wouldn't do anything else. Afterwords we ran some errands then went to spend the afternoon at Wandas.

Saturday, Phil stayed home, and Orion and I went to Wandas again. I think we have spent more time over there then at our own home!
Sunday morning, Orion woke up with a fever, and Philips fever was pretty high. So, We all stayed home from church. So very very sad. I was so looking forward to going!
Monday morning Orions fever was super high (102.8), so I called the doctor. Normally, I would not have, but knowing how many days Phil was running a fever, I knew pattern, and didn't know if there was something they could do sooner to help it go away quicker. The nurse I talked to I think is new. She told me that unless Orion has been running a fever for at least 3 days, they didn't want to see me. I was kinda annoyed, but only because I felt like she wasn't even listening to what I was telling her. I don't call the doctor for every little sneeze, and the regular nurse knows that, and therefor takes me seriously. By 3:00, I was ready to take him to urgent care. I couldn't get him to drink anything, he only had had one kinda wet diaper, just was not doing well at all. Instead, we went to Wandas, so that Robert and Phil could give Orion a blessing. We went home and put him to bed at 7:30. He didn't sleep well, and at 10:30, woke up crying. I was relieved to see him sweating, and took his temp. It was a beautiful 97.9!! It took a while for him to go back down, but he finally did, and then this morning, still no fever. In fact it is a little low! I have also been able to get him to drink some, and for the first time since Saturday, he is eating a little!! Who needs doctors? ( I don't really mean that, but I am so grateful for the Priesthood!)

Today, mom and Cherstin are heading back to Tennessee, so I am planning a day catching up on everything I have been neglecting for the last week and a half. Philip isn't feeling great still, but he did go to work today. Hopefully, in the next couple of days everyone will be back to their wonderful healthy happy selves. And cross your fingers, I hope I don't get whatever it is!!


Marianne said...

I love the cute pictures! Where did you have them done?

Puffers-Yes, that's me!!! said...

Your pics are way cute! It was great to see phil at our family reunion!

James and Aimee said...

Oh, Hannah, I do hope everyone is feeling better soon. And I really hope you don't get it. It's bad when everyone else is sick, but it Mom gets sick it's really bad.

And I love your pictures! What a cute family you have!

Jen said...