Monday, March 2, 2009

What a wonderful Sunday.

Yesterday morning, Orion and I sat down and had a small breakfast at 7:00. I wanted him to eat a little bit so that he wouldn't be starving, but I didn't want him to eat too much, because I wanted him to eat a big lunch at 10:00, before we had to leave for church. So I only let him have one bowl of cereal. Usually, I put the cereal away, right after we are done, but for some reason, this time I left my box of Lucky Charms on the counter. I can legitimately call it my box, 'cause no one else likes them. At about 8:30, I went and hopped in the shower. Just as I turned the water off, I heard the sound of rustling plastic. I thought to myself, "Oh no, Orion got into the lucky charms, and now I am going to have a big mess to clean up. Why did I not put them up!?!?!" So I got dressed, and went off to search for the giant mess I was sure I would find. Instead I found this.

Orion pushed a chair over to the counter, opened the cupboard, and got out a half empty bag of egg noodles. He then poored the rest of the bag into a bowl, took the bowl to his room, and was sharing them with my giant frog. It was so cute to stand back and watch him offer a noodle to the frog, and then say "No?" and eat it himself. I couldn't even be mad or annoyed that he was into things he shouldn't have been. He snacked on the noodles for the rest of the day, even trying to share with the frog. We tried to get a decent picture, but everytime the camera comes out, Orion stops what he is doing and runs over to look at the pictures.

Later on, after church I asked Philip if he wanted to play a game. He said yes, but that we should make cookie dough for him to eat first. I don't know why he has been in the mood for cookie dough lately, you would think he was the one who was pregnant. Really, who craves cookie dough? Anyway, Orion helped make it, and then licked the beater. We got a cute picture of that.

Also, after talking to my mom about the troubles I was having finding maternity dresses, she made me one, and sent it to me. It was a wonderful surprise. My ONLY complaint about the dress, is that it makes me look huge! I wore it to church, and people who didn't know I was pregnant, all of a sudden thought I was due any day. But I love that it has sleeves and is long enough that I don't have to wear nylons. Thank you mommy!!


Tess said...

Your mom did a great job! It's very cute!

James and Aimee said...

Orion just cracks me up! What a cute and sweet little boy.

And I LOVE the dress. You are beautiful, Hannah!

Jennifer said...

You look cute Hannah. not huge at all! You have a GREAT Mom!
And Orion's story is funny!