Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What a good and hard couple of days it has been. Orion is really struggling with daylight savings. At least that is what I am telling myself, and desperately hoping that the terrible twos haven't hit. Yesterday Orion and I experimented with chocolate dipped things. We dipped bananas, and strawberries, and Orion tried a carrot. Well, I guess I did the dipping, but Orion put the sprinkles on. We had nuts to go on the bananas too, but he refused to put those on. Just sprinkles. We did about two pounds of strawberries, and they are now all gone. Orion LOVED them!! He eats the banana until it thaws, and gets mushy, then he says it is gross and puts it in the trash. I don't think I will give him anymore of those.

Today Orion sat down at the table to color. He kept saying "toes ball toes toes ". When I finally looked at the pictures he was coloring, I discovered that he was only coloring the toes and balls on all the pictures.

I have recently started a water aerobics class, and am loving it. It doesn't hurt to move in the water, and I feel really invigorated and exhausted afterwords. It is GREAT!!


Rachel and Tyler said...

Hannah, you have a wonderful little boy! He is so sweet. And I have to agree with him - I like chocolate covered strawberries too! How did Achievement days go? Love ya!!

James and Aimee said...

What a smart boy! He is wonderful! And how exciting that you are going to water arobics. I think I've only been in the water two times while pregnant, but it was wonderful. Until I had to get out again and I had to feel all that weight again. It was so nice to have a little relief though that it was worth it! Way to go Hannah!