Thursday, March 26, 2009

Family song

Because Orion has ben so sick, I have let him watch an insane amount of tv this last week. His favorite movie to watch right now is an Elmos World dvd we have checked out. I can always tell when the medicine is wearing off, becuase Orion won't sing along with the songs.


James and Aimee said...

My kids sometimes say, "I wish I could be sick so I could watch movies." It gives them something good to think about and keeps them sort of resting.

You are adorable Orion!

Chaney said...

We too have been watching a lot of TV because of illness. The more they move the more the cough, so I bribe them to stay still with movies. Our show of choice right now is Fraggle Rock. Phillip LOVES it!
I hope Orion is feeling better!!!!