Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Every Boys Dream

Ok, so maybe it isn't every boys dream to have his own truck, but I am sure it was Orions. Philip and I were talking about getting him a "Little Tykes" car for Christmas or his birthday, but they are so expensive! So I decided that I would check out the garage sales this spring and summer, and see if I couldn't find one for ten bucks. Well, I was talking about this at my wonderful water aerobics class, and my friend Julie, mentioned that she thought she had a black truck in her garage that hasn't been used in 15 years. So, she cleaned it up, and brought it over this evening. A HUGE THANK YOU TO JULIE!! I think. We made the mistake of letting Orion try it out before dinner. It was awful trying to get him to come in for dinner. He was a pill for the rest of the night because all he wanted to do was go outside and play in his truck. Thankfully tomorrow is supposed to be in 50s, so he can spend all day out there with it.


The Rogers said...

So I am a little jealous. Emily loves the cars, and I want to find her one, but don't think I will be lucky. I think it is amazing how much Mordceai and Orion look alike. Well Mordecai has some looks that remind me of Phil and Orion. Anyways. love you

Chaney said...

We got Phillip a car for his birthday and he LOVES it! Orion looks adorable in his truck. How cool for you to have gotten it for free!!!