Thursday, April 16, 2009

Building Good Habits

Like every mother out there, I want my children to develop good habits, and hopefully keep them through out their lives. Well, I am pleased to announce that Orion has developed a few good habits, about which I am bragging today.

1st- He almost always takes his plate to the sink when he is done eating. Sometimes I still have to ask him to do it, and depending on his mood, it can sometimes be a fight, but for the most part, he just does it.

2nd- He is doing GREAT at eating his sandwich before the crackers (or cheetos or whatever else we might have with it.) And, usually, he is asking for more fruit over the "junk food" we had with lunch. I love that he loves oranges and mangos and kiwis and strawberries. It is sad when I have to limit how many he can have a day.

3rd- He is learning to love reading. I am willing to admit that at this point it is probably just an age thing and he just likes to sit on my lap and be read to. But he could bring me book after book after book for hours. I sometimes feel like a bad mom when I finally tell him, no I am not going to read to you anymore. Mommy wants to do something else. He is even falling asleep reading books on his own. Hence the picture.

And 4th- and this I feel is the most important one. Orion is in the very wonder habit of praying. Before he starts eating any meal, he has his arms folded and head bowed, and sometimes is praying before I can sit down too. Before bed, he always wants to pray. There are some nights when it is a fight to get him into jammies, and to get him to sit for scriptures, because he knows what is coming- bed time. So on nights like that, I think to myself, I am tired of fighting him, we are skipping prayers and just putting him to bed. But Orion won't have that! He kneels down and folds his arms, and is very good through out the prayer. I am so pleased with him. I don't know if he completely understands who we are praying to, or why we are doing it, but for right now, I am ok with that. If he never remembers a time when he didn't pray to Heavenly Father, perhaps he will never doubt that He is there. I don't know if that will be the case or not, but I can hope.


The Rogers said...

I can definitely say you are a good mom!!! I like to think that I I am one too. We will see how my kids turn out

Chaney said...

When KatieJo & Samuel were little I would have them throw their plates into the sink because I wanted new plates. However, it backfired because they (and Phillip) still do it. I have plates that I am content to live with right now.

It sounds like Orion is one awesome little boy!

Jen said...

Wow, you are an amazing Mom Hannah! Way to go!

Amber and The Boys said...

You really are a great mom. Great moms take time to think about goals and how they want to raise their kids and make time for the important stuff and you really do that! I bet he will always love reading. Nathan was like Orion-always wanting to sit and read books and he still does. Much more than the other two.

Rachel and Tyler said...

It is sometimes hard to recognize when we are actually making a difference in our children's lives. I'm glad to hear that you are able to see your wonderful influence. Who know's maybe he'll even set a good example for #2! Love you tons, Hannah!!