Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Cookies

Today was pretty good. Orion spent the morning playing outside in his new truck. He just loves it!!

While he was outside, I cleaned and made cookie dough. Right before lunch, Orion came inside, and we cut out some Easter shapes. I know that a star isn't really an Easter realated shape, but it is Orions favorite shpae, and therefore, I let him cut out a few. He had a lot of fun doing that.

After lunch at 12:30, Orion and I went down for a nap. Oh it was wonderful! I finally pulled myself out of bed at 2:30, but Orion stayed asleep until 4:00!!! After he got up, we decorated the cookies. Really, I did most of the work with the frosting. Orion just kept licking the frosting off of the one cookie he was supposed to be spreading the frosting around on. Oh well, he had fun putting some sprinkles on.

But this only lasted for about 3 minutes, then he wanted to go back outside and play in his truck. He stayed outside until dinner time.


Jen said...

We have the exact same truck! Lorelai loves it. :) Cute cookies. What a great mom!

Amber and The Boys said...

You really are a fun mom! Oh and Dal is obsessed with his truck lately too!

Chaney said...

What a fun activity! I may have to try that with Phillip. I do it with KatieJo and Samuel but I'm not big on messes so Phillip hasn't had the chance yet. But, I'm broadening my horizons and trying to get over my mess fetish.

Oh, as of this August we'll have been married 8 years.