Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Tuna-less Tuna Helper

So tonight was achievement days, and so, I did dinner easy. I pulled out a box of Tuna Helper (yes I know that every single person reading this is astonished that I would make a dinner out of a box, but it isn't all that bad) . I rummaged through my cupboards and pantry to find the last can of tuna. I drained the tuna, set it aside then proceeded to put the rest of the ingredients in the dish. I turn around to grab the tuna, and find that Orion has also been draining it, and dumped the whole can into the sink with the dirty dishes. Hmm, now what? I ended up using canned chicken instead. It turned out ok, and I didn't kill Orion. Yea for me!!


nagazfamily said...

ROFL It was SO NICE of him to help, though. I always am trying to remind myself of that while I'm trying to (a)scream and yell or (b) laugh and grab the camera.

I was lame and did hoagies seeing as Dan got home from work an hour before we had to be leaving the house.

nagazfamily said...

hah. That should say "trying NOT to"...that'll teach me to comment when I should be sleeping.

Shawna said...

Funny! We had chicken helper last night. I decided that since Joe is gone for the week I am opting for "this would make my life easier" dinners, paper plates and one pan.