Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today was a pretty good day. This morning Orion was wonderful and played by himself while I dozed on the couch. Later he was wonderful, and helped me clean up the house. This afternoon we made Thankful Turkeys. Orion didn't have much interest in making feathers or drawing on them. But he LOVED poking the sticks in the Turkey. He didn't even want feathers on his sticks. Oh well, I think he had fun massacring our art project.

This one is mine.

After the sun finally came out, we donned out jackets and went for a walk. For once, I didn't pull out the stroller, and Orion LOVED that. He had so much fun running in the leaves in the gutter, and jumping in puddles and picking up rocks and chasing squirls. I usually take him out of the stroller as soon as we hit the trail, but then he just wants to push it. Not having it there I think made it more fun and exciting.


Chaney said...

I LOVE thankfull Turkeys! We make ours out of construction paper so we can post them on the walls. But I also LOVE what Aimee does. They put a huge sheet on their pantry door and write the things they are grateful for every year.
What did you make yours out of, I saw popcicle sticks and did you paint styrofoam for the body?

Rachel and Tyler said...

We have a Thankful Wall during the month of November. We all enjoy adding things to the wall throughout the month. The rule is that you can't put something up if someone else already did! We really have to put effort into by the end of the month, but it is also a lot more fun because we are able to find joy in the little things too!
I'm suprised you could stand to smell tuna!! Good for you! I love you, Hannah! You too Orion...