Saturday, November 29, 2008

I often feel like something needs to happen for me to post something. Hence, the not posting anything lately. But while I am busy not posting, life is happening. All kinds of wonderful little things, that I take for granted. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. I only threw up once all day!!!! We went over the the Husteds and had a very enjoyable day with them. The food was all excellent, and it was all very relaxing. We did a lot of the work the day before, and the turkey was done by 10:30, so we ate a thanksgiving lunch, then had the rest of the afternoon to play games and eat some more!
Yesterday, I hauled out the Christmas decorations, and started to put them up. I am very sad! I cant find my nativity set!! We don't have a lot of boxes, so it isn't like I am just missing a box. Hmm, wonder where I put it . . . At one point yesterday I heard Orion say "Mama". I answered without looking at him, "Yes?" He again said "Mama", this time I look at him and say "yes Orion?". Then he signed "Love you". Oh, it just melted my heart.
Today, Orion and I went for a walk. I tried to get him to wear his new mittens, but he freaked out with them on. I tried to show him that mommy could wear them, but really, my hand is much to big, and I have no gloves to wear too. So we went out glove-less, and as a result, his hands just about froze off. Oh well, he didn't seem to mind. We walked by the town garage, and since it is saturday, there were no trucks going in or out. Orion was very dissapointed. He kept pointing to the parking lot and saying "tru gone". I guess we will have to go out on Monday and see the trucks and tractors working. Yes, he is spoiled.

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Husted Family said...

Have you found that Nativity set yet?