Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just another day.

I feel like I start all of my blogs "so yesterday". Why?? Because by the time the day is winding down, and things actually happened that I could write about, I am too tired to even think about posting anything. So then bright and early the next morning, I am writing "so yesterday . . . "

So yesterday was good. We walked to the library in the morning. Last week we went on a Wednesday, but when we got there, it was story time, (close to the end) and the kids room was packed. So we just picked up my books that were on hold and walked home. This week I thought, ok, we will go on Tuesday. Orion likes to play with the train table and will sit and play for a good 20 minutes while I read. Well, yesterday (on Tuesday!) after we spent the 30 minutes walking there, guess what, IT WAS STORY TIME!! Apparently our library does story time 3 days a week!! I know I shouldn't really be complaining about it, but Orion doesn't really get into story time, so I prefer to go when he can enjoy himself. Anyway, we stayed for story time, and then checked out some books, and started our long trek home. After Orions nap we went outside and played with the sidewalk chalk. Why he felt he needed to color himself, I do not know.

Afterwards, we went and did some dishes. I got a cute little video of Orion helping.

Oh, and lately Orion has really been into hats.

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James and Aimee said...

You are so good to walk Orion to the library! He will grow up loving books. And I love the video. I think Orion is the happiest little boy ever.