Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Hot Date

Originally I was going to title this post "My Hot Date", but I am vain. I looked at the picture that our wonderful babysitter (that would be Wanda) took of us, and decided Philip wasn't the only one who looked hot tonight. A little stuck up is what you all might be thinking. I prefer to look at it as an immense amount of self worth.
This afternoon Philip called and asked me out on a date, the only condition being that I had to find a babysitter for Orion. Eager to spend the evening alone with my husband, I found someone last minute to watch our little monster angel. Yea for us!!
We just went out to dinner at a local restaurant called the Grumpy Troll. The food was EXCELLENT, the sevice, not so much. The company though, was the BEST!! It is so rare that I get to spend time alone with the man that I love. I kept looking over at him and just thinking, "I am the luckiest girl in the whole world." Tonight, before I put Orion to bed, I sat and rocked him and sang to him. The last song was Families are Forever. As I sat there holding my son, thinking about the wonderful evening I had with Phil, and singing about how families can be together forever, I just felt so blessed. I am so thankful for my family here on earth. They really are so good to me. And I most definitely want to share my life with them, through all eternity. How wonderful a feeling it is that I can. Even better, that I will.


Chaney said...

Can you have Philip call Stuart? I think he could use some pointers on being romantic!

What a sweet husband you have. I can't remember the last time Stuart did that.

Not that I don't think Stuart is the best, because I do. But some spontanaety (I think I spelled that wrong) would be lovely!!!!

Amber and The Boys said...

You do look hot Hannah! Glad you had a great night!

Valerie said...

I am so happy you had a good night! I love going out just me and my hubby too!

Shawna said...

Hannah you are smokin' as usual, but you always look HOTT! ( doesn't make you more hot when you spell it all cool with 2 t's!)

Tess said...

Awww...this post gave me goosebumps. You're both looking mighty fine indeed. I totally have those earrings too! (I'll have to wear them on our next hot date if I can find them!)