Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun!!

Today was really good. I woke up at six this morning, and unable to pull myself out of bed lazed around until seven. I went downstairs and exercised until Orion woke up. I didn't get my whole 45 minutes in, but hey, it is Saturday. I deserve to slack off sometimes right?? At about 9:30 we all piled in the car to go to Sutters Ridge Farm. We got there (5 minutes later) to discover that they don't open until 10:00. So we parked the car and went for a nice leisurely stroll on a trail. It was so beautiful. As we walked I wondered if that is kinda what the sacred grove looks like. It just reaffirmed my desire to go visit there. Orion had lots of fun on the trail. He discovered a few bushes with thorns however, and did not enjoy those at all!!

When we got to the farm, we walked down to feed the goats. Orion really liked the lamas. I think he was a little afraid of the goats. Next we hit the tricycle track. Since Orion was unable to reach the peddles, I had the wonderful privilege and opportunity to push him around. Then we went on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch. Orion was enamored with the tractor pulling us. He didn't take his eyes off of it for a minute!! (Not even to take a family picture!!) We found a couple of pumpkins we liked and took hay ride back. Once again, Orions attention didn't waver. If only I could get him to pay such good attention in church!! All in all, I think we had a very nice and enjoyable morning together as a family. I love having the whole family together all having a good time.

This afternoon, Orion stayed home and played with Philip, while I went to a baby shower. I went shopping for a gift right before, and decided that I hate going to baby showers! I always pick out the cutes things, for other peoples babies!! I pick things out, and then want so badly to get extras to put in my baby boxes for my children. If only . . .

This evening Orion and I cleaned house (swept. mopped, vacuumed, dusted, picked up, you know.) in preparation for Sunday. I was very tempted to not do so much, but we are having friends over for dinner tomorrow, and I certainly don't want to have to be cleaning tomorrow before they come over. Now it is one of my favorite times of day, BEDTIME!! After Orion is in bed I plan on spending a relaxing evening reading the Relief Society lesson for tomorrow, and then maybe take a bath. Oh, I can hardly wait!! Good night to you all.


James and Aimee said...

Those are all such neat pictures! I love the one of Orion walking ahead of you on the trail.

Shawna said...

Cute pictures! We had fun at the pumpkin patch too this weekend. Thanks for dinner too. We're still talking about how good it was and how we ate too much!