Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Orion, the oh-so-very-helpful helper.

It's 8:22 am. I have already exercised for an hour, cleaned up breakfast, woke Philip up and got him out the door to work, and dressed Orion. It is time for me to finally go and relax in a nice hot steamy shower. I grab a clean change of clothes, make sure the kitchen is blocked off and that Orion is happily playing in his room. I place my clean clothes on the bathroom counter, and close the bathroom door, leaving it open just a crack. I step into the nice hot water and let out a nice big sigh. Oh . . . this is the good life!
Then Orion comes in. Laughing, he slides the shower curtain open, and tries to play peek-a-boo with me. Trying not to get water all over the floor, I quickly try to tug the shower curtain back into place. Orion decides to move on. After shampooing my hair, I peek out to see what he is up too. I notice my clean clothes on the floor, but Orion is harmlessly brushing his teeth. I turn the water a little hotter, and take a deep breath, oh . . . this is the good life.
Since things are going so well, I decide to make this a very luxurious shower, and shave my legs. I'm half way done with one leg, when once again, Orion wants to play peek-a-boo with the shower curtain. SLICE. In my startled state, I take a nice chunk out of my leg. I'm done shaving now. I hurry and finish up and turn the now turning cold water off. I open the curtain, and what do I see?? Not my clean clothes! And Orion playing with the extra rolls of toilet paper in the drawer. I grab my towel (at least that is where I left it!) and step out. SLIP!! The floor was a bit wetter then I thought, and I went crashing to the floor. Orion thinking this is a great new game comes over to jump on me. I wrestle him off of me and struggle to a standing position, I am off to search for my clean clothes. I re-wrap the towel around myself, and step out of the bathroom. On the floor, right underneath the laundry shoot, are my jeans. JUST my jeans. Orion, being very helpful, put my clean clothes in the dirty clothes. Why he didn't try to put my dirty clothes there too, is beyond me.
After getting dressed, it is time to face the bathroom. I nicely ask Orion to put the toilet paper away, while I clean up the water off the floor. No matter how Orion arranges the rolls, he can't seem to get them all back in, and close the drawer. I help out in the end.

The bathroom put back in order, we both walk out, and I close the door. So much for a nice hot steamy shower!! I hope that the rest of the day goes better, but since I am planning on sewing today . . . The outlook is not good.
On a better note ( I know you are getting tired of reading, so I'll be quick!) yesterday was great. It rained all day, so we played inside. Orion helped make lunch too. I thought if he helped, maybe he would eat better. Not so. But he did have fun helping!

We also had fun playing with a snorkeling mask.


Humphries said...

Oh I hope you have a better day. I had one of those mornings earlier this week and the rest of the day went just as bad. I love the pics of Orion, he's such a cutie!

Tess said...

I think you found a new Halloween costume!

James and Aimee said...

That sounds terrible, but I have to admit it was really funny too. I do hope your day is going better. I do really like you in a snorkel. Very classy!

Chaney said...

I have to admit I laughed....a lot. Sorry! I too love the snorkel mask, and I think it's more than classy. You know, you can get those things with your current prescription in the lenses. How cool would that be if you could wear those around everyday?!?

Joe said...

this was a hoot. great post.