Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Orion can dress himself !?!?

This morning, I handed Orion some jeans and asked him to put them on. Usually he tries really hard for a while, with no success. Sometime he does manage to pull his pants up, but usually both legs are in the same leg hole. Today, was different. He managed to get both legs in separate holes, and with very little help from, pulled his pants up. YEA FOR ORION!!

This evening, Philip surprised me by bringing home some beautiful flowers for me. I love it when he thinks of me. His exact words were " . . . these aren't a gift, you've earned them. You do so much for me . . ." I am so thankful for my husband!!


nagazfamily said...

Go Orion! That's beyond what Abby does...She just throws herself on the floor and tells me she can't. LOL

One more step towards potty training! (Can you tell what's on my mind...)

Humphries said...

Hooray for Orion! That's exciting, Joseph just tells me he can't. Those flowers from your hubby are beautiful.

James and Aimee said...

Don't flowers just make your whole week? You have a smart husband. And hooray for Orion! He is getting so big!

Chaney said...

Yea!!! For both Orion and the flowers! Thanks to Philip, Stuart brought me a bouqet of flowers last week as well. (Only because I told him how romantic your sweet husband is. I guess he had to show me he is too.)

Jim said...

I'm a big lover of flowers and photograph and I see first rate examples of both here in your blog. Way to go!

Jim Haeberle
(Aimee's uncle)