Friday, October 3, 2008

Milk Jug Jack-O-Lanterns

The other day I was in quite the fall season mood, and wanted to decorate my home with my fall decorations. So I braved the storage room, and found my boxes of decorations, only to discover, I have no fall decorations. Last year I just put some gourds on a bed of fake leaves. So all I have now are the fake leaves. How did I fix this problem?? Orion and I made Jack-O-Lanterns out of old milk jugs. They didn't turn out as cute as the ones in the Family Fun magazine (which is where I got the idea), but we did have fun making them. And that is all that matters right? I was very grateful that I put down paper on the table though, 'cause Orion wasn't that great at just coloring the jug. (I meant to put the pictures in the opposite order they came up in, oh well.)

After lunch yesterday, Orion and I made the very long mile and a half trek to Walgreens to pick up some pictures I needed for later that night. On the way home, we stopped at a park and while I gratefully rested my feet, Orion went down the slide ten million times. Needless to say, he didn't walk much on the way home. Thank goodness for strollers!!! After we got home, we made some very nummy cookies. I sometimes wish Orion didn't like to help so much. For every cup of flour he tries to put in the bowl, I think half goes on the counter. But he is always so excited to help, I just can't resist his pleas.

When Philip got home from school at about 8:00, I went to my friend Jenifers to scrapbook. It was nice to get some more done. I finally feel like I am catching up with Orions pages. I am only a year behind now instead of two years!!

Today, we are going to be super busy too. We are going to the library as soon as it opens, then it is off to the eye doctor, to get my glasses adusted. By then, hopefully Philip will be up and we are going into town to get some much needed winter and fall clothes for Orion. Poor guy just can't continue to wear shorts in this weather!! On the way home we will have to also go grocery shopping. Making cookies yesterday depleted my stock of brown sugar, regular sugar and flour. All ecentials in my kitchen. I thought I had some downstairs in food storage, but I guess I was wrong. One last thing, we are all SUPER EXCITED for General Conference this weekend. I am looking forward to listening to our prophet and being uplifted. Cross your fingers that Orion will somewhat behave himself, so that I can actaully sit and listen.


Amber and The Boys said...

You are a fun mom! I love that even though Orion is only what-like 20 months? you have him totally involved in doing things with you like crafts and art project. Very neat!

James and Aimee said...

It is so nice hearing what your days are like. You are such a good mommy. We sure miss you and love you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog searching "milk jug jack-o-lanterns" that I wanted to make with my son (19months)....good job on yours! :-) Looks like you guys had fun!